Bitter Bee Can Release

Have you ever wondered what Ricky the Meadmaker is drinking when he’s not drinking his own mead? Well, the answer is he drinks a lot of things, but on most occasions you can find him with a growler of Bitter Bee and his horn mug. No more! No more growlers of Bitter Bee for Mr. the Meadmaker! ​That’sContinue reading “Bitter Bee Can Release”

Meet Our Family

So, it turns out that Meadiacs are a very welcoming bunch. Erik tells us that Havoc Mead has been getting a lot of positive feedback, and we’ve been receiving tons of questions.[1]  Not that we don’t like “Tweeting Back” and “E-mailing” you guys, but we found a much simpler way to tell you about allContinue reading “Meet Our Family”