Ask the Meadmaker: Things I Wish I’d Known Before Going Pro, Part 1

In which Ricky the Meadmaker talks about what he wishes he knew before going pro, including: How to source large quantities of ingredients, who to reach out to when questions arise, state and federal regulations, how nice everyone in the industry is, and more! Further Reading: So You Want My Job: Janitor

How Homebrewing & Professional Meadmaking Go Hand-in-Hand

​In honor National Mead Day, we felt it was appropriate to highlight the importance of both home brewing and commercial meadmaking to American mead culture. Speaking as both a homebrewer and the new marketing person for Groennfell and Havoc Meaderies, I’m here to tell you that yes, you can have it all! By Jess Trebing,Continue reading “How Homebrewing & Professional Meadmaking Go Hand-in-Hand”

Drink Your Values Has Teamed Up with Runamok Maple in Support of Main Street Alliance of Vermont

We’re thrilled to announce a new stage of our Drink Your Values project! Starting with Root of All Evil: Maple Edition, we’re introducing a series of collaborations with @Runamok Maple where we brew cool, funky meads with their outrageous ingredients, and donate the proceeds to charity. We are proud to announce our first charity recipientContinue reading “Drink Your Values Has Teamed Up with Runamok Maple in Support of Main Street Alliance of Vermont”

Curmudgeon Label Contest: Run Off!

Despite there being over 1000 votes in Havoc’s Curmudgeon Label Art Contest, it was too close to call! We’ve invited the three finalists to compete in another round by putting their original designs head to head to head. This time around, voting will only be open for two days, closing at 11:59 on Thursday night.Continue reading “Curmudgeon Label Contest: Run Off!”

Voting is Open for Havoc’s Curmudgeon Label Contest!

Curmudgeon is coming! Havoc’s new maple elderberry mead will be made in partnership with our friends at Runamok Maple, and will be the second in our Sour Series. Just like Rumble, we’re kicking things off with a label art contest! Our call for submissions was answered by so many amazing artists that we need your helpContinue reading “Voting is Open for Havoc’s Curmudgeon Label Contest!”