Buckland is Back!

Buckland Mead – our fan favorite summer seasonal – is back on draft and in cans starting tomorrow, Wednesday, June 13th! It’s a light, crushable mead with lemon and green tea, perfect for summer. It’ll be available wherever fine craft meads are sold until our annual WTF is Up With Tom Bombadil party in October!Continue reading “Buckland is Back!”

Buckland Mead Release

Put on your Bright Blue Jacket and pull up your Yellow Boots, Meadiacs… Buckland is back, and it’s better than ever! We’re throwing a big party for Buckland/May Day/Tolkien Nerdom with special foods, outdoor drinking, and the very first CAN RELEASE OF BUCKLAND! Come celebrate spring in all its glory on Wednesday, May 3rd withContinue reading “Buckland Mead Release”

New and Exciting for 2017

This year has been full of tremendous happenings around the meadery. We built a Mead Hall within our current space, started serving food, released the final year-round offerings from Havoc Mead, completed the transition to cans for all of our products, doubled our staff, sponsored Vermont’s first Renaissance Faire, and much more. So, could 2017Continue reading “New and Exciting for 2017”

Gifts of the Meadmaker

Ricky the Meadmaker loves you very, very much. Of course, Ricky the Meadmaker loves you each and every day of the year, but he gets so full of joy and affection during the holidays that he can barely contain himself. So, to keep Ricky from exploding with pure excitement, we let him come up withContinue reading “Gifts of the Meadmaker”

Winter Warmer… Coming Soon

Snow! We had snow in the mountains! You know what that means? Winter is almost here! And, of course, Winter Warmer can’t be far behind! As usual, we’re going to save our release as a Black Friday treat. But, if you absolutely can’t wait to get your hands on some Wassail, we’ll announce in the coming weeks whichContinue reading “Winter Warmer… Coming Soon”