Isole Dinner Club – Beowulf

Last Sunday we had the most amazing experience in a lifetime of amazing experiences. A group of astounding chefs, designers, lighting professionals, ancient drink authorities, Beowulf fanatics, and Anglo-Saxon scholars transformed our Mead Hall into, well, a Real Mead Hall. Photos and aesthetic by Dana Heffern. All of the food and drink was carefully researched fromContinue reading “Isole Dinner Club – Beowulf”

Vikings vs. Pirates Photo Contest

And the winner of the Viking photo contest is…Jax the Viking Dog! Have you ever seen such a regal pup? Pirate photo winner coming soon…We saw a lot of photos being taken, but not a lot have found their way to us. Be sure to make your photos public and tag Groennfell or Havoc soContinue reading “Vikings vs. Pirates Photo Contest”

Black Tie Gala 2015 – Photos

Saturday’s Black Tie Gala was a great success! We raised $800 for the Friendly Viking Fund, which benefits Lake Champlain International (LCI) and Vermont Fresh Network (VFN).  With representatives from both organizations, delicious hors d’oeuvres donated by Nicole the Pastry Chef, and everyone dressed to the nines, it was a fantastic evening! Thank you toContinue reading “Black Tie Gala 2015 – Photos”

F*** Winter Party Photos

The F*** Winter Party on Saturday was a great success! It may have been cold and snowing, but Meadiacs don’t let a little thing like that stop them from having a good time! Here are some highlights from the party. Havoc Mead released two new meads for the first time: Bitter Bee, brewed with hops,Continue reading “F*** Winter Party Photos”