Ask the Meadmaker – Basic Questions Pt 3

In which Ricky the Meadmaker answers questions about what kind of mead to brew for your first batch, what to do if your mead doesn’t taste very good, when to add yeast nutrient (and what exactly is it?), and more! Further Watching:Basics Part 1Basics Part 2 Further Reading: Your First Batch of MeadMeadmaking Essential Equipment MakingContinue reading “Ask the Meadmaker – Basic Questions Pt 3”

Brewing Alone: How to Feel Connected in a Time of Isolation

​Today is both Midsummer and Father’s Day[1]; holidays that focus on community, relationships, and being together. In the world of Coronavirus, voluntary quarantine, and social distancing, it can be hard to celebrate; it might even be impossible to be together, but humans still need community. Today is about honoring families, celebrating growing things, and observingContinue reading “Brewing Alone: How to Feel Connected in a Time of Isolation”

Making Mead at Home – An Incredibly Contentious Article

What follows is the most contentious article we’ve ever written. Don’t believe us? Three brewing magazines rejected it on exactly those grounds, one of them even paying us to kill the article.​What’s weird is that it’s just an article about how we brew. ​We don’t make fun of other meaderies, and we state repeatedly thatContinue reading “Making Mead at Home – An Incredibly Contentious Article”

Wild Yeast By Jereme Zimmerman

So, we were working on an article about wild yeast in honey and how to use it for fermentation in mead and other alcoholic beverages. Instead, we found this amazing article by Jereme Zimmerman that is so much more robust than anything we could have written that we just decided to share it. Our officialContinue reading “Wild Yeast By Jereme Zimmerman”

Ask the Meadmaker Ep. 119 – National Mead Day

In which Ricky the Meadmaker celebrates National Mead Day with a toast and footage from the live home-meadmaking demo at the Mead Hall! Further Reading:Mead Day Demo SlidesStart Homebrewing MeadMeadmaking Articles From our BlogAll Of Our SecretsHomebrew Recipes for Our MeadAn Argument for Homebrewing BigHow We Brew Everything We BrewQualitative Assessment for Home MeadmakersMead Varieties

A Stalled Batch and What We Did About It

Having a stalled batch as a homebrewer is frustrating and irritating. Having a stalled batch as a commercial brewer – in addition to being frustrating and irritating – can also be embarrassing and financially disastrous. Since we pride ourselves on being open-source, the brew-staff agreed that we couldn’t let our pride get in the wayContinue reading “A Stalled Batch and What We Did About It”

How to Get Bacon into Your Mead

Let’s side-step – if we may – the question of whether or not bacon should be used in brewing.Let us, instead, agree that bacon should be in as many things as possible, and if that includes mead, so be it. Over the years, we’ve gotten a lot of questions about the best way to get baconContinue reading “How to Get Bacon into Your Mead”

Qualitative Assessment for Home Meadmakers

There’s almost nothing that a professional meadmaker can do that a home meadmaker can’t do just as well. Generally speaking, we have access to the same honeys, the same yeast, similar if not identical nutrients, and so on. The one thing that professionals have that most home meadmakers can’t justify is laboratory analysis. If youContinue reading “Qualitative Assessment for Home Meadmakers”