Mead Hall Food Recipes are Live!

Our restaurant may be closed, but you can still Join the Feast by making all of your favorite Mead Hall recipes at home! Check out our Food Recipe blog for more info. Note: Each of these recipes makes a feast-sized quantity of food, so definitely invite a bunch of friends, family, and passers-by to come enjoyContinue reading “Mead Hall Food Recipes are Live!”

Asia and the Renaissance

Merry Company by Gerard van Honthorst It’s easy to picture the Renaissance as a bunch of white men in Italy drinking pewter cups of mead, sculpting away like their Hellenistic ancestors, and discovering new worlds willy nilly thanks to their fantastic and fantastical notions of the earth’s sphericality. Alas, history is always more complicated andContinue reading “Asia and the Renaissance”

The Pulled Pork of the Gods

Long did he wander through shadow and snow,Across bridges of light and chasms of darkness.The Meadmaker pushed silently on,Alone but for his purpose and resolve. To the very walls of Asgard his footsteps led,Yea to the very doors of Valhalla.With mighty hand did the Meadmaker fight,Against many worthy foes. In defeat, the great warriors maintainedContinue reading “The Pulled Pork of the Gods”

New and Exciting for 2017

This year has been full of tremendous happenings around the meadery. We built a Mead Hall within our current space, started serving food, released the final year-round offerings from Havoc Mead, completed the transition to cans for all of our products, doubled our staff, sponsored Vermont’s first Renaissance Faire, and much more. So, could 2017Continue reading “New and Exciting for 2017”

Hanukkah, Viking Style

This Friday, December 23rd, is the last of week of Gifts of the Meadmaker, and we are going out big. For one night only, Ricky the Meadmaker is pulling out all of the stops to make his family’s multi-course, extravagant Hanukkah dinner, but there’s a twist: He’s using only Viking-era ingredients and techniques. How isContinue reading “Hanukkah, Viking Style”

Yes, Vikings Ate That

We put an enormous amount of work into our recipes at Colchester’s Mead Hall. Not just making the food every day, but coming up with the recipes themselves. One of the reasons we have a limited and rotating menu is that everything you eat represents extensive research and tons of experimentation. While most of ourContinue reading “Yes, Vikings Ate That”

Build-Your-Own Feast!

Thank you to everyone who came out to Feast Weekend! We had an amazing time!  Because everyone seemed to enjoy it so much, we’ve decided that we’re going to have the Build-Your-Own Feast menu every single Saturday from now on! This is in addition to the normal menu at Colchester’s Mead Hall! For those of you who couldn’t joinContinue reading “Build-Your-Own Feast!”