Black Lives Matter – A statement from Vermont Craft Mead

Ricky Klein and all the staff of Vermont Craft Mead stand in solidarity with the BIPOC community. Your lives matter to us. Thank you for being you. Stay strong. Stay safe. We are here. Here are a few resources from B Labs that we’ve found super helpful:Tackling Racism As Accountable Business Leaders4 Steps That IContinue reading “Black Lives Matter – A statement from Vermont Craft Mead”

Ask the Meadmaker – Drink Your Values

In which Ricky the Meadmaker announces the new Drink Your Values website and answers questions about pollen as a nutrient, auto-brewery syndrome, whether yeast strains can crossbreed, sanitizing ginger additions, and more! Drink Your ValuesFurther Reading: The Good Thing About PollenYeast Reproduction

Drink Your Values

After hundreds of hours of analysis, compliance, and review, we are so excited to announce the Drink Your Values Project. This new site is an interactive, fully transparent, deep analysis of everything from the benefits we offer to our energy use to the way we support our mission.​For one fun fact, did you know that it takesContinue reading “Drink Your Values”