The Switch to 100% True Source Certified Honey

Last week we talked about how strenuously we research for our articles and why historical accuracy means so much to us. If you haven’t read it, you should check out Vikings Weren’t Horny (and Why We Care), but the TL;DR is this: Honesty and accuracy matter, whether it’s a fact, a story, an ingredient, orContinue reading “The Switch to 100% True Source Certified Honey”

Does Honey Really Last Forever?

From Smithsonian from Flood G There’s an oft repeated myth that honey is the only food which lasts forever. After this proclamation, some genius almost always feels morally obligated to make a “Twinkies” joke.[1] But is the myth true? Is honey really the only food which lasts forever? This is actually two questions in one:1) DoesContinue reading “Does Honey Really Last Forever?”