Brewing Alone: How to Feel Connected in a Time of Isolation

​Today is both Midsummer and Father’s Day[1]; holidays that focus on community, relationships, and being together. In the world of Coronavirus, voluntary quarantine, and social distancing, it can be hard to celebrate; it might even be impossible to be together, but humans still need community. Today is about honoring families, celebrating growing things, and observingContinue reading “Brewing Alone: How to Feel Connected in a Time of Isolation”

A Meadiac’s Thanksgiving Feast

Love it or hate it, Thanksgiving is nearly upon us. For the staff of the meadery, the holiday represents a unique opportunity to combine the sacred notions of feasting with the American ideals of overeating and day drinking. To that end, we have assembled a new recipe guide for the holidays! Everyone on the staffContinue reading “A Meadiac’s Thanksgiving Feast”

Our Company Goals – 9/6/2019

As part of our move towards greater transparency, we are going to be sharing our company-wide environmental, social, and employment goals.  Like all small businesses, we struggle with profitability, creating a consistent product, and making ourselves heard in an ever-busier marketplace. To put it another way, we need to make a good product and aContinue reading “Our Company Goals – 9/6/2019”

B Impact Assessment: The Gold Standard for Measuring Impact

In a life full of fluctuating sales, erratic fermentations, and an ever-shifting marketplace – not to mention constantly being covered in honey and yeast – it can be easy to get so distracted by the day-to-day rush that the bigger picture fades into the background. We didn’t start a meadery to become rich or famousContinue reading “B Impact Assessment: The Gold Standard for Measuring Impact”

Making Mead at Home – An Incredibly Contentious Article

What follows is the most contentious article we’ve ever written. Don’t believe us? Three brewing magazines rejected it on exactly those grounds, one of them even paying us to kill the article.​What’s weird is that it’s just an article about how we brew. ​We don’t make fun of other meaderies, and we state repeatedly thatContinue reading “Making Mead at Home – An Incredibly Contentious Article”

Wild Yeast By Jereme Zimmerman

So, we were working on an article about wild yeast in honey and how to use it for fermentation in mead and other alcoholic beverages. Instead, we found this amazing article by Jereme Zimmerman that is so much more robust than anything we could have written that we just decided to share it. Our officialContinue reading “Wild Yeast By Jereme Zimmerman”

Why Calorie Content for Alcohol is Pointless

We are constantly asked about the calorie content for our various products, which on the face of it appears to be a very reasonable question. Lots of products have the nutrition information on them, including a handful of alcoholic beverages. It seems like useful information, right? Ignoring for a moment the fact that the lawContinue reading “Why Calorie Content for Alcohol is Pointless”

Asia and the Renaissance

Merry Company by Gerard van Honthorst It’s easy to picture the Renaissance as a bunch of white men in Italy drinking pewter cups of mead, sculpting away like their Hellenistic ancestors, and discovering new worlds willy nilly thanks to their fantastic and fantastical notions of the earth’s sphericality. Alas, history is always more complicated andContinue reading “Asia and the Renaissance”

The Switch to 100% True Source Certified Honey

Last week we talked about how strenuously we research for our articles and why historical accuracy means so much to us. If you haven’t read it, you should check out Vikings Weren’t Horny (and Why We Care), but the TL;DR is this: Honesty and accuracy matter, whether it’s a fact, a story, an ingredient, orContinue reading “The Switch to 100% True Source Certified Honey”