The End of an Era… And the Start of the Next

As many of you have heard by now, we’re going to be moving to our forever meadery! We could not be more excited (and overwhelmed) by the move, but there is a small sadness as well.

After five wonderful years, we’re going to be closing our tasting room and restaurant in Colchester.

There is no question that this was the hardest decision we had to make about growing. From the Firkin Friday Friends to the Isole Dinner Club to Cavern and Harvest Fest, we couldn’t imagine our company without our incredible Meadiacs popping in every week for a pint, a brat, a board game, and a few hours of philosophical conversation.

Before you let out your first sob, there are three pieces of consolation.

First, we have an entire month of going-away parties planned starting this weekend with Family Day and then the Mad Tea Party on New Year’s Eve at the Mead Hall! And we have two events every weekend until the end of January.

Second, we’re taking the Mead Hall mobile!!! We’re going to be setting up encampments throughout the state every month. If you can’t come to the Mead Hall, the Mead Hall will come to you. More details coming soon!

Third, we’re already looking for a forever home for the Mead Hall. There are some promising locations, so stay tuned.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for all of your years of support.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds!

2 thoughts on “The End of an Era… And the Start of the Next

  1. I have not been to the hall often but every trip there I have enjoyed throughly.

    May your next adventure take you everywhere you hope to be. May it also introduce you to many new friends and followers while your current ones support you with the new endeavor.


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