Alternative Black Friday 2018

It’s time to announce our annual Ludicrous Alternative Black Friday Deals! This year, the deals are available on Small Business Saturday as well.

We’ve got some old favorites, and a new surprise this year…

Returning fan favorite deals:

  • Buy an AleHorn mug, fill it for $1 per fill all day!*
  • Bring in your Costco receipt showing that you idiocally braved Costco on Black Friday and get a free hug from the employee of your choice.**

Biggest deal of the year:

  • Get all of the mead you can carry for $195! Three cases, which most people can carry pretty easily, usually goes for $210, so there’s definitely an opportunity for some athletes here.***

We’ll be open from 12-7 on Black Friday (Nov. 23) and 11:30-8 on Small Business Saturday (Nov. 24).

*Deal is good only on the day of purchase. You may not share with others. We retain the right to cut you off in compliance with Vermont law.
**Employee must be on the clock and has the discretion to hug you as long as they want up to 48 seconds.
***Mead must be transported from the Mead Hall to your vehicle. No assistance allowed. All mead must be carried in cases provided by the Meadery and must be lifted and carried in your arms. You take full responsibility for any injuries sustained trying to show off.

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