One thought on “Ask the Meadmaker Ep. 111 – Being a Professional Meadmaker

  1. Yo! I have just entered into the mead making/brewing world and have no prior home brewing experience. Much to the chagrin of my wife I have been watching a lot of your videos and reading Ken Shramm’s book.

    But I aim to please when it comes to my wife and I have promised to make some batches according to her request. She wants a sweet semi-sweet cyser that is carbonated. From what I understand the real only way to do this is to force carbonate.

    Can you explain the process?
    How do I get it into bottles?
    Can I create bottle bombs with force carbonation?

    I know I’m far from being at the point where i want to start this process but it seems it might take a while to answer my question. ( based on those year old questions)


    Hope I put this in the right place.


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