What to Expect at the Viking Brunch

We’re getting all geared up for our Viking Brunch this weekend!

Coffee Chaos will be canned tomorrow, Cold Brewtus is polishing up their espresso machine, and Ricky is pouring over textbooks to get ideas for historically-accurate brunch foods.

The good news is, brunch seems to be a a modern contrivance that was developed to suit the post-revelry needs of Saturday-evening carousers, which means that the event is pretty open to interpretation.

So, what we’re going to do is develop a menu based on our normal rules (which you can learn about here and here), that primarily features dishes too complicated to serve on our regular menu.

We’re talking shrimp sautéed in clarified butter, seared cheese, herring and pickle skewers, and a ton of cocktails specially designed for the occasion. 

What cocktails? Cocktails like the Copenhagen 75, Ricky’s single favorite drink he’s ever invented.

See you on Sunday!

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