Mead Hall With a Mission: A Reminder

Mead Barrel

As we’ve been getting everything together for the Spring Feast and the unveiling of our new menu, it’s gotten us thinking about the Mission of the Mead Hall.

It’s been over two years since we wrote our Mead Hall with a Mission manifesto, and we thought it was time to check in with our commitments. Possibly it would be time to update our mission to reflect who we are as a company.

It turns out that the last thing we need is an update. Instead, our mission is as needed today as when we wrote it on that bitter cold January morning.

Here’s the manifesto in its entirety:
Colchester’s Mead Hall is not merely a restaurant, brewery, or bar. Certainly, there will be food and drink aplenty for those who desire it, but The Mead Hall is so much more. We believe that at the heart of every strong community, there’s a strong Mead Hall; a place that stands as the last bastion of Community and Civility.

The Mead Hall is not political. It is above politics. The Mead Hall exists to be the heart-and-soul of the community it serves, and all are welcome.

We have turned to glowing screens and missed the glowing faces of our kith and kin.
We have sent texts when an embrace was called for.
We have given advice when our silence was demanded.
We have entrenched when we ought most to listen.
We have built networks but neglected our communities.

The Mead Hall is a place to turn back to one another, not only to those we already know and love, but also to newcomers and strangers. Come, Drink with Us.

After reading it, we wouldn’t change a word. ​We only hope that we can do even better in living our creed.

The only thing we’d like to add is: Join in the Feast!

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