Harvest Fest is Next Week!

Toast with AleHorn Tankards

Harvest Fest is just a little over a week away, and while your heart must quicken at the very sound of the words “Harvest Fest,” we thought we should tell you a few reasons why you’re so excited.
First, Ricky and Clayton are collaborating in the kitchen to bring you works of Viking Gourmet that you never thought possible. All of our produce is coming from our friends at Lewis Creek Farm, and it is going to be absolutely nuts.
Second, there’s going to be a good showing from Vermont Ren Faire with special promotions for their brand new events!
Third, we’re going to do a huge toast with the folks from AleHorn in honor of our troth to be the first Mead Hall in America where you can buy horn tankards!
In more exciting news, we just got word: Our horns are completed and are being loaded onto a longship as we write this! They will be landing at the Mead Hall just in time for Harvest Fest.
Half of them are already sold, and while we might have a few left to sell at the event, you don’t want to be the only Viking drinking out of a pint glass… so click here to pre-order yours right now!

Harvest Fest: Saturday, September 30th, 11:30 am – 9:00 pm at Groennfell Meadery.

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