Tom Waits Wednesday – A Primer

Tom Waits,

At Colchester’s Mead Hall, every rainy, snowy, gloomy, bleak Wednesday is officially declared: Tom Waits Wednesday.

What makes a Tom Waits Wednesday? Well, album after album of music by this incomparable musician… dimmed lights… a general feeling of unsettled restlessness… abundant drinks… basically, we provide the scene, you fill it with your own tortured thoughts.

For the uninitiated, Tom Waits can be a little overwhelming, given that he has 28 albums released relatively consistently over the past five decades, including soundtracks and a Faustian black opera .

Not to mention the fact that he also has several books of poetry and has appeared in over two dozen films.

So, where does one start? Answer: Probably not with Swordfishtrombones.

There’s no right way to get into Tom Waits. Heck, we have a regular who started with Alice and then moved on to The Black Rider, only to discover later Waits’ melodic works.

What we present is not the definitive technique to become a Tom Waits nut, but it’s worked for many acolytes:

From here on in, it’s up to you. But don’t worry, we’re here for you.

That’s what Tom Waits Wednesday is really about: just a bunch of Tom Waits nerds listening to a man gargle lava while his band plays like they’re falling down the steps of hell and trying to convince the world they should listen, too.

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