Gifts of the Meadmaker

Ricky the Meadmaker - Groennfell Meadery

Ricky the Meadmaker loves you very, very much.

Of course, Ricky the Meadmaker loves you each and every day of the year, but he gets so full of joy and affection during the holidays that he can barely contain himself.

So, to keep Ricky from exploding with pure excitement, we let him come up with a gift for you every week between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

This year, that means that you get Five Special Presents.

​And, even better, it all starts this Friday!

Week 1 (November 25th and 26th) – Every year on Black Friday we treat our Meadiacs to a First Taste of Winter Warmer, our seasonal Wassail! This year, to sweeten the deal, we’re also releasing our Seasonal Collectible Mugs which come with a $1 pour of Winter Warmer! 

Week 2 (December 2nd and 3rd) – We’re hosting an Indoor Cornhole Championship with prizes and special drinks!

Week 3 (December 10th) – It’s our biggest bash of the year, Midwinter Fest! Live music, Viking buffet, bonfires, the works!

Week 4 (December 16th and 17th) – Not to be outdone by Havoc Mead’s All Female Comedy Show on Dec. 16th, Ricky is releasing a batch of Mannaz on Lees, his three-year-old mead. Are they going to be snow-packed for an unparalleled, almost surreal drinking experience? Yes. Yes they are.

Week 5 (December 23rd) – Treat yourself and loved ones to our amazing Viking Hanukkah Dinner! That’s right; Ricky is making a complete Hanukkah Meal with all Viking-era ingredients. We recommend getting reservations for this one by calling us at 802-497-2345.

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