Isole Dinner Club – Beowulf

Last Sunday we had the most amazing experience in a lifetime of amazing experiences. A group of astounding chefs, designers, lighting professionals, ancient drink authorities, Beowulf fanatics, and Anglo-Saxon scholars transformed our Mead Hall into, well, a Real Mead Hall.

Photos and aesthetic by Dana Heffern.

All of the food and drink was carefully researched from archaeological and written resources and, on top of being historically accurate, was some of the best food any of us have ever eaten.
And, perhaps the coolest thing of all, Chef Richard Witting cooked all of the food on a traditional open fire right in front of the guests.
Intrigued? Want to join them for more of these events? Well, you’re in luck. Richard and his team of specialists will be exploring the history of English Literature one meal at a time.

You can learn more about the Isole Dinner Club here on Facebook.
If you just want to see more of the amazing work from this event like his stone-heated fish soup or flame-roasted bear, check out the album here.

Thank you to everyone who descended on our Mead Hall and then (this matters too) cleaned up so unbelievably quickly! Also, no Grendel, so that was pretty cool, too.

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