Autumn Spice – Back for a VERY Limited Engagement

Autumn Spice Mead - Groennfell Meadery

Things have been a little hectic at Groennfell Meadery with Erik from Havoc leaving, the new restaurant opening up, and, y’know, all those things it takes to keep a meadery running.

So, instead of brewing a big batch of Autumn Spice Mead, Ricky has made a bold decision:
He’s releasing his special, personal keg of Aged Autumn Spice at Harvest Festival.

That’s right, every time Ricky brews a batch of a seasonal mead, a keg is set aside for a special occasion. For the first time ever, he’s decided to crack one of these kegs at an event.

The only way to get a glass of Autumn Spice Mead until next fall will be to come to The Harvest Festival at Colchester’s Mead Hall on September 24th.

There will be no growlers, only glasses available, and when it’s gone it’s gone. 

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