Havoc Lives On!

As many of you have heard through the grapevine, Erik, the Head Brewer of Havoc Mead, will be leaving Vermont to pursue a career in music.

This has led to no small quantity of panic, wailing, and gnashing of teeth.
“What will happen to Havoc Mead?!”
“Has Fire-Drake come into being, only to be snatched away again like a cruel joke?!”
“Should I begin hoarding cans of Root of All Evil like it’s the End Times?”

Please, calm yourselves. 

From the beginning, Kelly the Boss has owned Havoc Mead. Brewers, despite the popular misunderstanding, are often employees and not owners of their own brewery. Erik’s recipes and designs are beautiful and will remain with the company, while he goes off to do wonderful things.

For the time being, Ricky will take over brewing responsibilities for both companies. About this, he is not incredibly pleased, but he’s recently been complaining about having too much free time. Serves him right.

What really matters is not the cans or the mead inside them. Erik has been an incredibly important part of Groennfell, Havoc, and Colchester’s Mead Hall for many years, and he will be very deeply missed.

Thank you, Erik, for all the Havoc you’ve brought into being. Go do great things.

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