Rotary After Dark

As part of the mission of Colchester’s Mead Hall, we’re instituting a series of Community Nights; Tuesday evening gatherings which are open to the public and benefit a nonprofit cause.

We couldn’t be more excited to kick off the series by partnering with Colchester-Milton Rotary to offer a monthly Rotary After Dark on the first Tuesday of every month.

Why are we so excited?

  1. Half of all of the proceeds go straight to Rotary Foundation, one of the most highly rated charities in the world.
  2. This event is a great place for Rotarians and non-Rotarians alike to come together to drink for a good cause. Who doesn’t want to drink for a good cause? If you don’t do the alcohol thing, we always have Rookie’s Root Beer!
  3. If you’ve been thinking about joining a local Rotary Chapter, it’s a good way to shop around.
  4. Drinking. Did we mention drinking? 

So come out and join us next Tuesday, April 5th, to kick off this amazing program and support an excellent charity!

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