Summer CSA at the Mead Hall

Groennfell Meadery and Lewis Creek Farm are pairing up to offer you the most amazing way to get your veggies this summer! We’re going to be offering a CSA pick-up each Friday at Colchester’s Mead Hall!

For those who don’t know, a CSA is an initialism[1] for Community Supported Agriculture in which you, the lucky citizen, pay for a summer’s worth of vegetables up front and get to enjoy 20 weeks of assorted fresh-picked food. If you’re wondering what you’d get, you can get an idea of a sample share by clicking here.

The CSA works like this:
1) Contact Lewis Creek Farm to Sign-up for either the full share ($410) or the small share ($255).[2] You can e-mail them at or call them at (802) 453-4591.
2) Tell them that you want to have your pick-up location be Colchester’s Mead Hall.
3) Anxiously await the second week of June when your first shipment of nutritious vegetables arrives at the meadery.

It’s that easy!

And, to sweeten the deal, all CSA members who pick up at the Mead Hall will get a half-priced squealer fill when they come to pick up their share![3] How cool is that?

Every member of the staff got a share last year and absolutely loved it. In fact, we loved it so much that Colchester’s Mead Hall will be getting its fresh veggies from LCF all summer. 

So, what are you waiting for? Learn all about their farm by clicking HERE, or E-mail them right now to sign up!

Legal Note: No one in the Vermont Craft Mead Family gets any kick-back or compensation from this offer. We are merely offering this as a service to our Meadiacs and the Colchester community as part of our initiative to support local Vermont businesses and healthy lifestyles.

[1] NOT an acronym, good luck pronouncing CSA…
[2] Prices include early sign-up discount, visit their CSA page HERE to find current pricing.
[3] Squealer must be purchased at time of pick-up. You may get Rookie’s Root Beer or Ginger Beer as well.

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