Groennfell Gift Guide – 2015

It’s The Holidays: A time when we show our friends and loved ones that they are, indeed, our friends and loved ones by buying them things!
Do you want to buy them The Best Things? Then you should buy them things from Groennfell Meadery! Here is our 2015 Meadery Gift Guide:

Mead Head hat with earflaps - Groennfell Meadery

​A fetching Mead Head hat. - $20
​It has earflaps so that your ears stay warm and you look tremendously fashionable. (Available online and at the Meadery in 3 colors.)

Mixed 6-pack of mead - Groennfell Meadery

​A Mixed-Six Pack of Mead. – $15.99
Are you afraid that your crush will know that you like-like her if you buy her a case of each type of our mead for every single night of Hanukah? Play it cool and get her a mixed-six pack. (Available only at the Meadery, technically also in 3 colors.)

2015 Wassail Mug - Groennfell Meadery

​The 2015 Wassail Mug. – $18
Do you know someone who likes drinking beverages of all different temperatures? Is this person constantly sustaining minor burns by trying to drink hot wassail, coffee, or tea out of pint glasses? Then the 2015 Wassail Mug is the perfect gift! (Available online and at the Meadery.)

Mead Varieties Poster - Groennfell Meadery

​A Mead Varieties Poster. – $18
This poster is highly informative and makes a great addition to a kitchen, man cave, man burrow, woman cave, or toddler’s bedroom. (Available online and at the Meadery.) If you’re stingy, you can also print it out on 8.5″x11″ printer paper.

Fenberry Jelly - Groennfell Meadery

​Fenberry Jelly. – $8
Do you know someone who doesn’t drink but deserves a gift anyway? You could give that person a jar or two of Fenberry Jelly! It’s delicious, made from just three ingredients, and one of those ingredients is Fenberry Draught! (Available online and at the Meadery.)

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