Groennfell Gifts – Week 2 – Surprise!

Fancy a glass of honey wine?

Dear Meadiacs,
I lied to you.
Or, I think I lied to you. I’m not always clear on what I’ve said and I’m definitely not always clear on what’s a lie. But, the fact remains, I think I lied to you.
It was sort of like a Santa Claus lie. I lied to you to preserve the magic and wonder. I was afraid if I told the truth, you were going to figure out one of your Midwinter gifts and then it wouldn’t be a surprise anymore.
You see, I’m pretty certain I said that I don’t make honey wines and that I only make craft mead. But that’s not true.
The truth is that I almost never make honey wines because they take more time and they’re a pain to package and serve at the meadery. But you know what, Dearest Meadiacs? You all have been extra good this year, and I made one special for you.
This Friday and Saturday, for the first time ever, you can come to the tasting room to try a honey wine made by yours truly. It will be available by the glass and in squealers to take home.
But there’s more. Not to be outdone, Erik from Havoc Mead has also made a honey wine which he is going to be unveiling a week from Friday. He and I are having a friendly competition, and if one of the honey wines is really popular, we may make it a permanent fixture in the tasting room rebuild.
We only have a few kegs of each, so when they’re gone they’re gone. Come in, have a glass, and make your voice heard!
Sorry again about (possibly) lying to you.
Ricky the Meadmaker

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