A Party for Jax

This upcoming Thursday, May 14th, from 5:00-7:00, we want to invite all of you to a celebration in honor of our beloved totem and mascot Jax, for he will soon be taken from us to sit in the halls of his ancestors.
Jax has been a part of Groennfell Meadery from the day we opened our doors and has been a guest at almost every event since. He is not only important to the staff, but also, as we know, to many of our patrons; so it only seems right that we host a big party for him and have all of you there.

Please come to say your good-byes, have a pint in his honor, and feed Jax treats until he yarfs. 

We know that it would mean the world to Matt and to us. And Jax, as usual, will have no idea what’s going on and will just be happy when you drop some popcorn.

Update 5/10/2015:
We are sad to report that early this morning Jax was carried off to Valkennel to dine upon ribs and rotisserie chicken with his ancestors. Jax’s human, Matt, and the staff of Groennfell Meadery will still be holding a party in his honor this Thursday.

As it says in Grettir’s Saga “Be not a braggart for if any work done be praise-worthy, others will sing your praises for you.” Jax never boasted of what a good dog he was, so let us now gather and praise our friend.

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