Fenberry Mark II

Fenberry Draught - Groennfell Meadery

If it’s been a while since you’ve tried Fenberry Draught, you should definitely swing by the meadery for a taste. We’ve been teasing the release of  Fenberry Mark II for months now, and it’s finally here!

What’s the difference? More cranberry, less bite. 

Why the change? Well, we all like Fenberry Draught in a cocktail or for a morning bracer, but it was a little intense for most palates. So we performed some cool science/magic tricks and came out with a delightfully dry, cranberry forward, fraternal sibling of our first version of Fenberry.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be transitioning out Fenberry Mark I throughout the state. Packaging and price are exactly the same, so please bear with us while we transition.

And, for those of you who love Fenberry Mark I, we’re going to be having a special sale all summer on the remaining stock. Swing by any day we’re open for a great deal!

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