Groennfell In The News – Twice!

Groennfell Meadery was in the news not once, but twice this past week! The first article comes from Jen Smith writing for Localvore Today.  Click here to read “Localvore Pours – Groennfell Meadery.”

And here’s my own disclaimer – I don’t usually like mead. But you know when you’re driving down the road, and the opening beat from “Ice Ice Baby” comes on, then just as you reach out to change the station you realize that it’s “Under Pressure” and you’re stoked? Groennfell’s mead is like that. – Jen Smith, Localvore Today

This second article comes from Joe Cardello of the Colchester Sun, reporting on Groennfell’s Black Tie Gala on March 21. Click here to read “Mead me at the Gala.”

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