Big Announcement!

Ricky the MeadmakerHe’s So Excited, It Made His Mustache Curl

We have lots of big announcements, actually! 

And you can learn all about them next week.

The next episode of Ask the Meadmaker will mark one year of our Non-Daytime Emmy Award© Winning YouTube Series! In honor of this occasion, we have decided to tell you all of our Exciting News in the episode coming out on January, 10th 2015.

But we’re not jerks, so here are some hints:

  • There’s something about Twitter or Instagram or some other WebTalking Program.[1]
  • There will be information about mead.
  • There might be a guest appearance from the famous Rebecca!
  • There will not be a guest appearance from Rebecca.
  • Ricky will not be performing both parts of the Elephant Love Medley from Moulin Rouge!. [2]

[1] This is The Meadmaker’s term for pretty much any Social Media platform other than Facebook. 
[2] Just putting this in writing because that is what he really, really wanted to do for the show’s one year anniversary.

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