Midwinter Fest Schedule

Winter Warmer Mead - Wassail Mead brewed with cinnamon, cloves, orange, and brandy will keep you warm all winter long!

Midwinter Fest is just one week away! For those of you who love to ruin the first night of Chanukah by sneaking a peek at your present[1], here’s the schedule for next weekend’s Midwinter Fest:

2:00 – The party starts.
3:00 – The Fatheads play their first set.
4:00 – We light the bonfire!
5:00 – The Fatheads play some more.
7:00 – The Fatheads play their final set; crowds demand encore.
10:00 – We kick everyone out, because no one should be up past 10 o’clock at this time of year!

Obviously mead, meat[2], and music will be freely flowing throughout. See you next week!

[1] Let’s be serious, you can only ruin the first night because everything else you get is dreck.  
[2] And non-meat for our vegetarian friends…

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