New Places to Find Groennfell Mead

Groennfell Mead Finder Screenshot Nov. 2014

A whole bunch of new places in Vermont have picked up Groennfell Mead in the last couple months! If you haven’t checked our Mead Finder in a while, now would be the time to see if you can quench your thirst for mead closer to home.

Below are a few of the places that started carrying Groennfell Mead in the last few months!

Burlington Area:
Radio Bean Coffeehouse, Burlington
Beer Palate, Williston
Clark’s Sunoco, Williston
Vermont Tap House, Williston
Shelburne Supermarket

Capital Area & Stowe:
Red Hen Baking Co, Middlesex
VT Ale House, Stowe

Middlebury Area:
Bristol Discount & Redemption
Greg’s Mead Market, Middlebury

South-East Vermont:
Birch Ridge Inn, Killington
Allen Brothers, Westminster
Putney Co-op

South-West Vermont:
North Bennington Variety
Hoppy Valley Organics, Pownal
Paulin Inc. of Arlington

South-Central Vermont:
Wardsboro Country Store
Ratu’s Liquor & Market, Wilmington

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