Cook with Mead and Be Famous!

Ricky the Meadmaker and Nicole the Pastry Chef host 'Ask the Meadmaker.'This Could Be You!

Have you ever wanted to appear in an episode of Ask the Meadmaker?

…um, is honey sweet?

Well, now’s your chance to win a spot on an upcoming episode! Here’s what you do:
– Enter a mead-based recipe below before July 31st
– Be 21 or over
– Be either a Vermont resident or live really close
– Wait patiently until we judge all the recipes

Then, on August 4th, we’ll announce the winner! If you win you’ll:
– Get a private tasting  and meadery tour for you and three friends
– Get bragging rights comparable to winning a Gold Medal in Speed Skating
– Get to eat delicious foods cooked with mead
– Get to co-host an episode of Ask the Meadmaker!

The Fine Print: Open to all US residents 21 and over. Transportation to the meadery will not be provided (this is why we recommend that you be a Vermont resident or live nearby). All recipes become the property of Groennfell Meadery, but we won’t be dicks about it. All recipes  must be submitted by Midnight EST on 7/31/14.

Recipe Submission

Name *


Email *

I Certify That I am 21+ *

Yes indeed! Alas, no… but here’s my recipe!

Recipe *

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