Stingy Drinking

Do you like drinking? Of course you do! Are you stingy? Don’t worry, so are we!
That’s why we’ve created a whole bunch of ways to share the love of mead for less!
The following is a list of our standing discounts:

Groennfell Meadery Pint Glass

Groennfell Glass Club
Anyone who owns a Groennfell Meadery Pint Glass gets $1 off of every pint pour in our tasting area! The best part? You don’t even need to remember to bring your glass!

(Sorry, owning a sample glass doesn’t count.)

Groennfell Mead Case

Case Discount
Whenever you buy a full case (24 bottles) – whether it’s a variety pack or just one product – you always get 10% off the case price!

Variety cases are only available in our tasting room.

(Discount only available at the meadery. No Limit.)

Taking alternative transportation to its logical extent - Groennfell Meadery

Alternative Transportation Discount
Whether you walk, run, bike, or come by trolley, we want to thank you for your commitment to the environment by giving you 20% off your first pint!

For more on Walking and Biking to Groennfell Click Here.

(One discount per customer per visit.)

Growler of Valkyrie's Choice at Groennfell Meadery

Buy a Growler
Growlers are one of the least expensive ways to take our mead home to enjoy, and it’s more sustainable since the packaging is infinitely reusable.

(No Limit, but remember that growlers are best enjoyed fresh!)

Groennfell Meadery kegs

Buy a Keg
Just like buying a growler except even less expensive per glass! 

Also, having a keg of mead in your home pretty much guarantees your credentials as a Certified Meadiac.

(Did you know that you can get a discount tap handle if you have us on tap?)

Groennfell Meadery Volunteer Corps

Join the Volunteer Corps
Every once in a while we need a hand around the meadery for something fun. Usually it’s appearing in an Ask the Meadmaker, sometimes it’s something else. Sometimes you can get a free pint for helping out, sometimes you just get the joy of being part of the team. Pretty enticing, right?

To sign up, Click Here.

Meadmaker Ricky defending his mead from thieves.

Not highly recommended.

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