Get Yer Kegs!

A big pile of kegs at Groennfell MeaderyThis is a big pile of kegs

Like drinking mead? Want to have some stunning tap handles to gaze upon in your local bar (or home tap system)? Here’s how to do that in three easy steps:

If you want mead in your local Vermont drink repository:
1.  Tell your barkeep that you want to buy a pint of mead.
2.  When said barkeep looks confused, launch into your own Mead Elevator Speech remembering to mention that it’s Gluten Free and that that is quite a fad these days…
3.  Then tell them to contact Farrell Distributing and ask for a keg of Groennfell Mead; all three varieties are available, so be specific about what you want to drink!

If you want Groennfell mead on tap in your home:
1.  Make sure that your home tap system is designed for standard sanke kegs (our kegs won’t work with a homebrew set up).
2.  Ask your local Vermont Beverage outlet to order in a keg for you.
2b.  If you want an official tap handle, come by the meadery with your proof of keg purchase (a receipt will do) and you can get one of our custom-made tap handles for $5 (rather than the usual $25).
3.  Brag to all of your friends.

If you want Groennfell mead on tap in a bar outside of Vermont:
1.  Be a bar owner or a very, very pushy consumer
2.  Talk with your distributor about getting in touch with us.
3.  We will work with distributors to get kegs to your state and from there to your taps.

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