Winter’s Here… Now What?

Groennfell Meadery in winterHow Delightful!

While today’s weather may not be overly hibernal what with the rain and the 50 degrees, there is no doubt that winter is upon us. With spring (or, as it is known in Vermont, “Mud Season”) many months away, we are all left wondering how we will ever make it. 

Perhaps, fellow meadiac, you’re wondering if you can make it all! What could possibly brighten the dismal prospect of weeks upon weeks of darkness and shoveling??

Answer: We Can!

Here is a short list of exciting projects we have in the works:

  1. There’s one week left to vote for your favorite Firkin Friday. Next Monday we’ll be announcing the winner, and then we’ll submit the winning recipe to the TTB for approval as a seasonal mead. If you haven’t voted, CLICK HERE.
  2. Thanks to our distributor, Farrell Distributing, we are now available anywhere in Vermont that you can buy beer, cider, or wine. If your favorite bar or supermarket doesn’t have us, just ask!
  3. The newest member of the Groennfell Family of Meads has begun its clarification process and will be ready for bottling in a matter of weeks. To learn more about Valkyrie’s Choice, CLICK HERE! You should be very excited.
  4. We have been hard at work on our new series of videos, “Ask the Meadmaker.” If you haven’t submitted a question yet (or even if you have), go ahead and post a question below or on Facebook, or Twitter, or Carrier Pigeon, or Fax.
  5. The fourth and final year-round mead is entering its final design stage. Get ready for some Chaos this spring.
  6. And, lest we forget, Firkin Friday is still going on weekly. Pry yourself away from your cast iron stove and come get a free sample of in-house-only mead!

So, if that isn’t enough to stave off the winter blues, we don’t know what will! 

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